Golden Myfanwy

by Speedvark

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Golden Myfanwy is a beautiful Welsh girl: wavy long blonde hair, dark eyes, willowy limbs. She’s a rebel, turns up to school late, doesn’t worry about homework, loves the outdoors. Gove would hate her.

But Gove has to realise that everyone’s different. Kids are all different: some are going to thrive in a high pressured academic environment. Others, like Myfanwy, are going to be more free spirited and it’s down to the policy makers, teachers – and parents – to harness that energy and encourage talent where they find it .People forget that an ‘education’ is… just that. It’s not all about academia.

Speedvark aren’t saying forget your three ‘R’s, they’re just saying remember the fourth R: a Rounded education.

That’s their message to Gove.

That’s their message to the Sunday Times School League Table. What’s that all about?

And that’s their message to Speedvark’s - approximately 3 - fans.

Existing on the fringes of alternative music, outspoken New Towner’s, Speedvark, have never been afraid to air their views on educational policy in the UK.

However, they are less confident when it comes to their own specialist subject: music. All they know is that their place in the modern music league table is towards the bottom.

Despite this, Speedvark’s second album ‘Speedvark’ was well received by the music press and some radio outlets and they are attracting fans from all over the world, much to their surprise.

The album, ‘Speedvark’, is exclusively available in Rough Trade and this single will be available on iTunes and other digital stores.


Kids hurry by with the apple cores in their hands
Wait with the lollypop lady talking to their mums
And here come the four by fours yelling at the school yard gates
But Golden Myfanwe’s sleeping in her bed ‘til late.

Golden Myfanwe
Golden Myfanwe
Golden Myfanwe’s sleeping in her bed ‘til late.

Courting the early bird singing to the dirty world
She won’t go to school today, heading for the big wide show
I almost forgot about everything I had to learn
With Golden Myfanwe sleeping in the forest ferns

Golden Myfanwe
Golden Myfanwe
Golden Myfanwe sleeping in the forest ferns.

No doubt about it
No doubt about it
There is something to be found.
No doubt about it
No time to think about it
Heading for the new day’s, heading for the new day’s sound

New day’s sound


released August 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Speedvark Hemel Hempstead, UK

Speedvark is Hemel Hempstead's second most important rock band. Formed in 1986 the band has sold in excess of three records. Terrified of publicity, certain dogs and most people, the band took 14 years to release their first album, 2000's 'Pigeon Pop'. 13 years on and now in their middle years, Ben and Pedro (the band) have plucked up the courage to write, record and release their next shocker ... more

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